CABARAVE: Love Languages

FEBRURARY 14-17, 2018
What speaks to you?

Immerse yourself in the five languages of love with this daring and bold collection of local artists. The show is broken into five sets, each set representing and exploring a different language of love. By the end of the night walk out with your partner, lover, or friend, knowing how the other want to receive love! You might even learn more about your own capacity for expressing and receiving love!

CABARAVE: Love Languages is a delirious blend of burlesque, aerial arts, live music, and dancing that put the heart in Valentine’s. Minneapolis burlesque starlet Elektra Cute, femme-cee extraordinaire Nadine DuBois, and aerial darlings Kitson Sass & Pistol Prudence, join the CABARAVE crew for a weekend of romance you’ll never forget!

The Lab Theater
700 North 1st Street
Minneapolis 55401

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